Collective Land Stewardship

Most members of our community are not landowners. Still, all WayOut community members will have the opportunity to become land stewards. This land has nourished our ancestors and will continue to nourish our kin long after we are gone. It's only right that we show gratitude for the abundance that nature provides by connecting directly to - and aligning ourselves with - nature. In other words, to build a real-life community we all need to get our hands dirty! Let's gather and Love on the Land! This program has two components (details below).  


Love on the Land Gatherings

Developing land takes time, money, and resources. It also takes helping hands. WayOut community members who offer access to their land as part of the WayOut Railroad are making a commitment to offering a safe and Black-affirming space where our people are welcomed and wanted. In return, traveling members of our community will have opportunities to invest their time, energy, and skills to help develop these lands. Throughout each year, WayOut will coordinate community gatherings where volunteers will converge on a railroad stop and spend the day collectively helping with land projects. This includes projects like clearing a trail, putting up a fence, building a cabin, or any other project where community support will expedite the process. We’ll gather to love on the land throughout the day and then enjoy camping fun all night! 



Love on the Land Stewardship Exchange

While our gatherings will focus on larger land development and maintenance projects, there are also projects that happen over time or where only one or two people are needed to pitch in. We’ll help connect landowners and folks who are willing to offer a hand in exchange for a place to camp out. For example, a landowner might be looking for a temporary caretaker while they're away or may need a few more hands to help with the fall harvest. Many landowners in our community are happy to spend some time sharing their knowledge and offering firsthand experience to an aspiring homesteader or campground owner. This is also a great way to travel and camp on a budget, bartering a little of your time and energy in exchange for a place to rest and rejuvenate in nature. It's also a way to pass down intergenerational skillsets to younger generations. Let’s tap directly into our power as a community and see how we can exchange skills, work and love!


Are you feelin' this program?

Here are 5 Ways to Show Love and help this project flourish!