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Where there are people, there is power. Still, our people need places to go where we can feel we belong! There is no Wayout Railroad without the generosity and support of landowners. We’re committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with landowners who are inspired by our mission to help Black people more safely explore the US and more meaningfully connect with nature.

Are you a Black landowner or a landowner who lives in solidarity and is deeply committed to offering inclusive and affirming outdoor spaces for the Black community?

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Benefits of becoming a Stop on the Aboveground Railroad


Empower Our People!
By making your land accessible as a rest stop or campsite, you are contributing to Black empowerment in a unique and meaningful way. There’s a growing number of Black folks exploring the land and reconnecting with nature in various ways. However, there is a shortage of outdoor spaces where Black people can feel safe to let down our guard and make ourselves at home.

Campers You Can Trust!
People who come to your land will be connected to and vetted by the WayOut community. So you can be sure that the people who visit your land will respect and treat the land with the same love that you do.

Make New Friends!
WayOut Railroad is as much about building community as it is about connecting with nature. You get to share your land as well as your stories, insights, and lots of laughter with travelers from all over who pass through your site.

Another Stream of Revenue!
You can charge a nightly fee for campers to stay on your property to help cover your expenses.

Get Help with Maintaining Your Land!
Get some help with farming or land maintenance by allowing visitors to barter a few hours of labor in exchange for a place to camp for the night. This is a great way for visitors to gain hands-on experience with new skills and for you to get some help with tasks. This is also a way to ensure that families with less discretionary income can enjoy the rest and healing of the outdoors.

Tax Write-offs!
As a 501c3 organization, all donations to WayOut are tax-deductible. You can opt to make some camping spots available to members of the WayOut community for free and for each visit you can write off the expenses as a donation to our organization (examples: nightly campsite rental fees, cost of firewood, cost of maintaining campsites, port-a-potty cleaning service, etc.).


Land Owners Criteria


These are ideal guidelines, but we know each property is unique. If your land doesn’t meet all of the criteria but you still feel it’s a great location, please reach out to us (scroll down)!

Ideal Land Specs

  • 3+ acres of land
  • Location of camping area has adequate privacy from public roads and neighbors
  • A natural setting (Examples: wooded acres, native foliage, ponds, large fields)

Primitive (aka “dry”) sites are welcome!
You do NOT need to offer any electrical hook-ups, access to water, trash collection, firewood, bathrooms, dumping stations, etc. Amenities are of course welcome and appreciated, but they are not required. Unlike vacation rental sites, we have zero interest in creating a high-pressure environment where hosts are pushed to “one-up” each other by offering unnecessary amenities in exchange for glowing reviews. All that’s needed is your will to support this cause and a nature-filled piece of land that is suitable for setting up campsites!

Host Criteria
Landowners commit to personally welcome visitors and get them settled into their campsite and are accessible to address visitors' concerns. A key part of the WayOut Railroad experience is connecting with the people who are stewards of the land. This helps visitors feel at home and more intimately connect to the land.



Click to set up an in-person visit or a video call to explore the possibilities! No obligations. It's just a casual chat.


Thank you for considering being a stop on the Aboveground Railroad!


We are our ancestors' wildest dreams.