Ways to Show Us Love!


We Ready!

Together with you, there's no limit to what we can achieve. Here are some ways you can show some love and help ensure WayOut's success and longevity in community organizing. We're so grateful for any support you can provide. 

 1. Show Up!

We're committed to building a real-life community rooted in people connecting with each other in-person, outdoors. The best way you can support this vision is to show up for events in person. Grab your camping gear and venture Way Out to experience the joy and power that comes from taking cooperative action to build community!

Learn About the Co-op

2. Invest in us. Donate!

If you don't wish to be an active member of the Way out Community, you can make a one-time donation or recurring donations to help ensure long-term stability and growth. Since we are a 501c3 organization, all donations are tax-deductible! 

Your donation will help us cover costs for:

  • Organizing and expanding the Love on the Land Cooperative
  • Making camping more accessible for low-income populations and other underserved populations.
  • Further developing our online platform to build community and strengthen network ties.
  • Investing in entrepreneurial and sustainable ways to support our work without distracting from our mission.

Invest in us. We appreciate you.

Make A Donation Today!

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3. Offer up!

Support us by offering to help using your podcast, blog, or any other talent, skill, or resource that can help us grow, promote, and build connections. We're especially seeking to connect with landowners across the US who are already engaged in community projects or interested in developing outdoor communal spaces on their land. We are currently meeting up with land stewards to understand how we can take cooperative action to support each other and build real community. Reciprocity and Ubuntu. That's how we do. If you're interested in joining the co-op and connecting your land as a communal space, Click Here to get started!


4. Share & Connect IRL!

Share with a friend who’s interested in environmental justice and community building. Help us connect to more farm owners, land stewards, or organizations we can partner with.

We'd also love to meet up in person. There are a number of groups that do amazing events; Black and Camping, Black Nomads Meet, and Goombay are some of the ones we know. Join those groups and attend events to get to know us in person or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about an event we should attend. The heart of the Aboveground Railroad is building stronger relationships between the various actors in this collective movement. This moves us from people to power.  Let us know about any outdoor meetups and organizations who may want to collaborate with us. If you're a landowner or event organizer or you have any suggestions of people we could potentially partner with, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or DM us on Instagram or Facebook


5. Interact & Support!

Follow @wayoutrailroad on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Sign up for our newsletter below. Comment on our posts so we can beat the odds against algorithms specifically created to silence or stunt creators who are Black-centered.  (See Ziggy Tyler's receipts)


6. Explore these lands and encourage others!

Even if reading this is our first and only connection (we absolutely hope it won’t be, but we know how distracting life can get!) go ahead and get out there-- WayOut there -- and help others do the same. We trust in the organic growth of this important movement, but we are committed to dedicating this time in our lives to help it grow. Hopefully, we’ll see you on the road or somewhere in the woods building together. Until then, Be well.