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The AboveGround Railroad

The Purpose

What is the AboveGround Railroad?

Inspired by the fearless legacy of the Underground Railroad and the legacy of community resources such as the "Green Book",¬†this community is an ‚Äúabove ground‚Ä̬†network¬†of campgrounds, way-stations, social media and meetup groups, farm and landowners, and businesses that are¬†committed to connecting Black people to safe, inclusive and affirming outdoor spaces and experiences.¬†

For far too long, Black people have had our movement restricted across the United States and our belongingness in the "Great Outdoors" challenged or ignored. The AboveGround Railroad provides pathways to connect landowners, meetup groups, outdoor community projects, and others and advance the growing movement of nature-seekers, campers and nomads asserting their right to travel, explore, and enjoy this country's vast scenic lands.

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The BlackGround


The Platform

How are we building this project?

We've put tires to the road and boots to the ground to build this network organically, making real-world connections. After traveling thousands of miles and spending countless days and nights building our community platform, we're excited to say The AboveGround Railroad is here!

The WayOut Community Platform:

  • Provides a map of outdoor spaces across the US that offer safe, inclusive, and affirming environments for black campers, travelers, and nature-seekers.
  • Provides support and resources to Black landowners who welcome WayOut community members to visit and camp on their land.
  • Amplifies the efforts of organizers who coordinate meetups and programs aimed at¬†encouraging and supporting¬†Black folks in getting outdoors.¬†

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The People

Who is the Railroad for?

This platform is for Black people. We're committed to building a real community that centers Black people, our experience, and our right to belong.  While all locations are committed to offering safe and affirming spaces for Black people, that doesn't mean they are exclusively reserved for Black people. "Black-centered" isn't exclusive. Our continual struggle for "Black freedom" has never been limited to uplifting only Black people. 

Anyone - including our BIPOC family and allies - can join this community and book trips to Public Stops and Private Lands on the Railroad. Some stops have decided to be designated as Black-Centered Lands (BCLs), which are Black spaces specifically reserved for Invested Members of the WayOut community. Invested Member status can only be earned by contributing your time, skills, and resources to the community. Read more about our Community Values

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