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Land Stewardship Cooperative

Are you ready to get your hands dirty?

We're building a network of outdoor places of refuge designed to encourage communing with nature, healing, and gaining autonomy so that we can help improve the material conditions of the marginalized communities we belong to and live in solidarity with. 



What is a Co-Op?

A Cooperative (aka Co-Op) is an institution collectively operated by the people who benefit from using its resources, facilities, and services. Our Co-Op is comprised of people who are anti-racist, anti-exploitation, and who share communal values and a collective will to put in real work to harness the abundance that nature provides. 


Communal Spaces 

Some co-op members have land and are providing spaces to be developed as communal resources. These spaces can range from a small area suitable for a campsite to a plot large enough to build cabins, a training center, etc. Co-op members will collaborate with land steward hosts to develop and contribute to maintaining the land. Our focus on collective work gives members constant opportunities to demonstrate our shared values. Doing work to physically build community serves as a catalyst for building genuine, mutually beneficial relationships with each other and nature. Through taking cooperative, practical action together we are creating safe, affirming, and beneficial outdoor spaces and experiences. 


Cooperative Actions 

Cooperative Actions are short-term projects that bring people together to do work that enhances one of our communal spaces or develops a shared community resource. We coordinate Love on the Land gatherings where members come out to collectively steward the land by day and then enjoy camping fun under the stars! 

We prioritize Cooperative Actions that:

  • Build physical infrastructure that improves the ability of Co-op members to access, enjoy, and reap benefits from communal spaces. Examples: building a cabin or fire pit, clearing walking trails, etc. 
  • Develop a community resource that is useful and made available to co-op members. For example, building out a campervan that will be made available to co-op members for travel camping from one communal space to another. 
  • Provide urgent assistance to help co-op members resolve a pressing issue or expedite a land stewarding project or process. Examples: repairs after a storm, helping plant or harvest seasonal crops


Personal Co-op Stays

In addition to gatherings, individual Co-op members can make personalized arrangements for short-term stays with an Aboveground Railroad host. You’ll receive accommodations in exchange for helping out with land stewarding tasks and development projects. This is an excellent way to cultivate land-stewarding skills and get a first-hand look at homestead living. If you already have electrical, plumbing, construction, or other skills, this is a wonderful way to show up for community and support land stewards who could use a knowledgeable helping hand.


Cooperative Economics

Our Co-op is based on a “Proud to Contribute” model. We will crowd-source internally and publicly and develop fundraising products to get the resources needed to fund our Cooperative Actions. Wherever possible, the resources that result from our collective labor will be made accessible at no cost to all active, contributing Co-op members. For resources that require a stream of revenue for maintenance, there may be a nominal fee for use that will go to the primary caretaker of the resource. There will be no use of “mark-ups”, “market rates”, or “making a profit” for Co-op members to access communal resources. We share the work so that we can all reap the benefits. 


Common Purpose

Together, we are building outdoor places of refuge and belonging, but not escape. We are working intentionally to ensure that the work we do and the infrastructure we build benefits not just co-op members, but also the larger communities we are a part of. 

If this resonates with you and you’re ready to put in work, you’re welcome aboard! 


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