Making Our Way Out

We live in a society where masses of people are marginalized, abused, and exploited for the benefit of a small few who show no regard for our humanity or the planet to which we all belong. To varying degrees, we all go along with and contribute to this mess mainly because we're dependent on these exploiters for our food, water, utilities, heathcare, safety, comfort, etc. Fortunately, many of us are fed up and are finding ways to move towards autonomy.

WayOut aims to foster collaboration among people who are actively rejecting the oppressive values of this society and choosing to live in better alignment with nature. We’re building up physical spaces that are affirming and developing resources you can put your hands on and utilize to improve your quality of life. We center the culture, interests, and needs of Black people as we build with folks who are ready to show up in person and take practical action now to create the world we want to live in. 


Land Stewardship Cooperative

Are you ready to get your hands dirty?

We're building a network of outdoor places of refuge designed to encourage us to commune with nature, heal, and gain autonomy so that we can help improve the material conditions of the marginalized communities we belong to and live in solidarity with. 


Here are Some Ways to Show Love!

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Much like the Underground Railroad, our vision for The Aboveground Railroad is an informal, decentralized network of people working together to create practical pathways to collective autonomy in this society. We’re cultivating a dispersed intentional community focused on developing spaces of belonging where we can experience life more aligned with nature. Our priority is helping to foster opportunities for people to show up in person and put in work so that we can collectively harness the abundance that nature provides. Our aim is to cultivate a life where we can decide when, where, how, and with whom we invest our time and energy. We are an anti-racist and anti-exploitation community learning from each other, sharing with each other, and showing up for each other.

Our online platform is currently in a period of transition to a model that better aligns with our mission and incorporates the insights we've gained through our organizing efforts over the past few years. This renewed vision will more directly focus on supporting the physical building of communal spaces and connecting the work we do to direct action organizations and social justice campaigns that are committed to our community's collective struggle for self-determination.